As The Beer Turns

ghostI have been brewing for over a year now, and have never had a brew spoil… That is I hadn’t until a few weeks ago. Not having had experience with spoilage I panicked, and sent emails out to the four corners of the earth for advice. The general consensus was that if my beer was still in the fermentor I could just wait it out, then bottle and let age, and maybe on a long shot the beer would still taste good. Here’s my problem though. My beer is no longer in the fermentor. In fact it is bottled, and sitting in my room carbonating. Why, oh why cruel world did you have to take this beer before it’s time?  Not one to sit back and cry about spoilt beer though I decided to diagnose where I went wrong. I know the infection got into my beer sometime during the process of moving it into a secondary. How do I know this? Well not only was it the last time I tasted the beer, but I was somewhat lax in my standards while moving it. At the time I only had one fermentor, and that was my 5 gallon carboy. Not having a suitable vessel for a secondary seemed like a big obstacle, until I got the idea of using my brew pot as a holding tank while I cleaned and sanitized my carboy. The problem with this was that my brew pot has a fairly loose fitting lid, which unlike the brew pot, I forgot to sanitize. All of this could have been prevented if I’d done the following. Had a secondary vessel, sanitized all of the equipment, and simply tasted the beer before bottling. So only one last thing remains I guess. Does anyone want five gallons of spoiled beer?

3 Responses to “As The Beer Turns”

  1. Deanna says:

    That all depends on how it tastes. 🙂

  2. Jared says:

    It tastes somewhat like a wine that’s gone vinegary. Deffinatly something I don’t want to drink. I may have found some uses for it though. As soon as I do some more research I’ll get a post up about it 🙂

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