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Before I start what looks to be a serious post I want to share something with you. A week or two ago when the Sam Adams scandal was still in the news I ran across this image from


With this recession going on alot of the beer news revolves around declining sales for the big brewers of urine cheap beer, and Oregon’s ridiculous 1900% tax increase on beer. In fact these stories have so dominated Oregon’s beer industry that no one noticed that Kid Rock is jumping on the micro brew band wagon with his own beer. I want to do what everyone else is doing though and focus on the taxes. What does a 1900% tax increase look like? well broken down to it’s smallest serving size it comes out to a 15¢ tax on a 12oz bottle of beer, rather then the less than a penny tax we have right now. Add that back up though, and it amounts to $50 in taxes on a barrel of beer, right now the tax is $2.60.  According to Kurt Widmer of Widmer Brothers Brewing this will raise your $4 pint to $5.50. Oregon has a far richer history with the micro brew industry than most states, and many brewers fear that adding such a big load on the industry all at once may force the micro brewers to start cutting jobs in order to cut costs, cut back distribution, and may even put small brew pubs out of business. Now what are the chances of this passing? Well they are pretty slim. Historically Oregon doesn’t like beer taxes, but the fact that every year these politicians put it out there, and every year we say no, says something about how well they listen to us.

I made some Welsh Rabbit today using my spoiled beer, I’ll tell ya tomorrow how it tasted

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