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I plan to get a tap report done on Monday or Tuesday, so check back then.

Just to get it out of the way. This post is neither about young (green) beer, nor is it about that monstrosity that people drink on St. Patrick’s Day to make them feel Irish. It’s about how brewing your own beer can not only be fun, but helpful for the environment. Now I’m not a huge fan boy of the green movement. In fact the word green makes me shudder at times, but when I can do my part to help the earth I will. That being said, homebrewing is not only fun and tasty, but also greener, even at it’s most basic, then buying a sixer from the store. When I started brewing my equipment consisted of a small pot, a funnel, and two 2 ltr Pepsi bottles for fermentors. Even though the beverages that came from this process weren’t the tastiest, they were palatable, fun too make, and fairly green come to think of it. After all, I was saving all that energy that goes into making the glass bottles, the cans, and not to mention the gas used in shipping. Now I’m somewhat of a classier brewer, with a big brew pot, a couple carboys, and a bottling setup. Yet still, all my bottles I use are my empties from when I get a hankering while walking down the beer isle, and when I do make a beer delivery to a friends house it’s on my bike. Brewing is so simple and easy that you can even do it with supplies lying around the house. Have an empty bottle with a resealable lid? What about a funnel? In fact the less “proper” your brew equipment the more like the early American brewers you’ll be, and what patriotic American would thumb their nose at that? So considering this I hereby assert that whoever doesn’t brew and drink their own beer is guilty of polluting the environment, and is unpatriotic. Therefore I say let’s pop open a cold one and have a toast, to patriotism, and saving the earth one beer at a time.

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