Happy Belated Birthday Oregon

Ok quick show of hands, who knew that Oregon had its 150th birthday on the 14th? I see one of you…. Oh you were 1233094805_1_ft0_roguesesquicentennialalescratching your head. Well at least I wasn’t the only one who missed it. In fact I wouldn’t even know still if it hadn’t been for the good people over at Rogue, and their Sesquicentennial Ale. Rogue has long and involved history with Oregon, and decided to honor that. So to commemorate this special month they released a beer made with only ingredients from Oregon. The barley was grown in the Klamath Basin, the hops at their own hop farms, Pacman yeast from Hood River, and free range coastal waters. What a fitting way to honor a state known for it’s micro brew industry. The beer is apparently on tap for a limited time, but outside of Portland your best bet for finding it would be at Rogues brew houses and pubs. This beer is also available in 22oz bombers, which is how I tried it. Definitely a beer to check out due to it’s uniqueness. For more info on Rogue and it’s drinks check out their website www.rogue.com. Also, if you get a chance you might want too try some of their other amazing beers.

Also I baked up some of those spent grain dog treats for my sister mutt. Apparently she enjoyed them, but refuses to write a review unless she gets a cut of any and all future advertising revenue that I may get on this site. I tried telling her that even if I were to get ads they are a long way off, and offered her another biscuit instead, but she referred me to her agent for further negotiations.

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4 Responses to “Happy Belated Birthday Oregon”

  1. Carlos says:

    Your mom told me to check out this website and what better than a beer website of someone local? I will now put it on my favorites and forward this to my buddies in Canada and New Jersey.
    As for the this ROGUE Oregon beer, in my opinion it is one of the BEST beers I have ever had. I loved the taste of this beer so much that I went and bought more the next day.
    My wife (who works for a distribution beer/wine co.) told me that it is only going to be sold until December 2009.
    So if you like this one go out and buy/store/horde all that you can.
    Great website!


  2. Deanna says:

    I missed it too! In fact all of us in my office missed it. But we don’t have to miss the Rogue Sesquicentennial Ale, since it will be out until Dec. 2009. Thanks Carlos for sharing that and thanks Jared for the post. Love it!

  3. Jared says:

    Hey Carlos,

    Thanks for stopping by and reading it, and thanks for the info. I have an extra bottle sitting in the chill chest for a special occasion, but may end up grabbing some more before the year is out. I’m hoping Rogue keeps the recipe and just switches the labels like they do with some of their others though. If you enjoyed this beer though you may want to check out Deschutes Green River. I’ll get a post up on that one too sometime in the future.


    I’ve been hanging out with your sister and her kids too much. It feels weird to say your real name 😛 Thanks for the comment.

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