Manic Mondays

garfield_monday1I have no clue where this post is going to go. It’s Monday, I’m tired, and thanks to Saturday night i’m currently not so fond of alcohol. The strange part about today though is how much I have to deal with beer. I have to rack my wheat beer to the bright tank, clean up the new additions to my bottle collection, attempt a fruit beer tincture, and finish making my lunch for the week which is cooked with beer. It’s weird how much of this Monday revolves around beer. Here’s some random beer thoughts from this last week.

• I really, really, like Ninsaki’s Oatmeal Stout. In fact I have a bomber of it in the fridge, and if alcohol didn’t sound so unappealing right now I’d drink it with lunch.

• Miller used to just make crappy beer but now they’ve added crappy craft beer to their list.

• Hop Hound ale has a banana taste to it that isn’t altogether unappealing, but from a homebrewers perspective it can be a sign of a sloppy brewer.

• If you haven’t been to Capitol Market at least once in your life your missing out. They can officially claim that they have the biggest beer selection in Salem/Keizer.

• Doug Faynor, the owner of Homebrew Heaven, is an awesome guy, and actually had a real conversation with me recently. It was startling.

• I want one of my friends to start brewing, but she moves too slow. I may have to go over there and scrub out, then fill her carboy on my own in order to get the ball rolling

• I still don’t get why people like wine. It has to be one of the worst beverages in my opinion

• I need a lot more shelves in my room to house all my bottles

• I almost want to win the Porsche that Ryan is giving away at PorschePerfect just so I can sell it. Not sure if this thought is about beer as much as it is about money, but I do need money to buy beer.

• This blog was supposed to be about brewing your own beer, but it’s kinda become about beer in general

• The history of beer is fascinating to me, and I want to do a post on it, I just have no clue where to start.

• I have managed to put off doing any work for about 30 min. Yay.

• Last but not least I really don’t wanna go clean and run errands. It’s my day off, and I want to spend it having fun.


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  1. Carlos says:

    Jared, Jared, Jared…..really you dont like wine??? I used to be the same way and only swore I would only drink beer. With my wife working in the industry now, we get tons of wine and I thought I would give it try. Free alchohol???
    I absolutely love wine as much as beer now. I dont know if it’s old age but I have developed a taste for it. Wine is really complex and someone that has your palate you might want to really give it a try.
    I consider a Cab like a good micro brew and white wines like PBR.
    Maybe you just need to drink a glass with someone who knows wine? Someone who explain the taste, smell and structure.
    Anyways great post from you. It seem more real.

    See ya,

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