Mocking The Craft? Or Bridging The Gap?

beerA year ago I would have asserted there was no such thing as a bad beer.  I would gladly take a Killian’s or a Blue Moon at a local watering hole without lamenting at the lack of a good beer selection. So as I work my way through Michelob’s attempts at craft beer why am I disappointed? It all started with their Jacks Pumpkin Ale back in October. I’d had some really good pumpkin ales in the past, and was brewing my own when I ran across it, so I decided to try a few. I couldn’t have been more disappointed. It was like someone had taken one of my favorite holiday beers and watered down the flavor. I pressed on though and tried their other offerings like Hop Hound, and Shock Top. Ok, the shock top wasn’t too bad, but it had the same issues that Michelob’s other beers did, it lacked the full flavor of the styles they were brewing. So I decided to sit down and write out a post detailing how horrible Michelob’s beers were, and that in their attempts to cash in on the seasonal and craft beer departments they were ruining good beer as we know it. My sister changed all that though. My sister absolutely cannot stand the taste of beer, even the pale watery American lagers disagree with her. So when she told me that she’d not only tried a shock top, but that she liked it I started looking at it differently. Could Michelob’s attempts into the market actually draw non beer drinkers into the fold and help them experience great beer? Then to further humble me and my beer snobbishness I started reading a book written by the guy whose grandfather had brought Heineken to America. Reading his view of how ridiculous beer culture has become in the US brought me back to my roots. Just because someone doesn’t enjoy a full flavored stout, or a hoppy APA doesn’t make them wrong, because there really is no such thing as a bad beer.

Couple of things, I plan on remaking my gruit sometime this week, and will get the recipe up soon. Also I discovered that my spoiled beer makes one fine chuck roast.

me – 2    spoiled beer – 0

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