Beer News II

newspaperIn case you have a hard time staying up on the news from the front lines here’s a rundown of some interesting beer news.

Stimulus for Beer
H.R. 836

A bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives that would repeal the nations beer tax to the pre 1991 level of $9 a barrel instead of $18. Although this is a small decrease it is still a victory for the beer industry considering that almost %40 of what you pay at the store for beer is taxes from various levels. As usual though this bill would treat Micro Brewers differently then it would the big corporate brewers. Micro Brewers would get a cut from $7 to $3.50 a barrel. Some day we need to realize beer is beer, and that when we chip away at the big brewers we are only hurting ourselves.

Utah may legalize homebrew
H.B. 51

Utah is one of only five states where it is illegal to brew your own beer. But that all may be changing soon. H.B. 51 is set to go up for a senate vote. If it passes then there will be only four states left to conquer.

What the Future Holds

Last beer news post I made I talked about Oregon’s attempts to increase the beer tax. After doing some forum crawling I was surprised at the support this tax is getting. Many people apparently blame beer over wine or spirits for encouraging alcohol addiction. I’ve never understood why people seem to get more fired up about increases on wine and liquor then about an increase on beer and malt drinks, the beverages with a much lower alcohol content. Anyways, if you think that beer taxes won’t really hurt anyone, and that the tax money raised can be a good thing check this article out.


I get alot of my information about what’s going on from these sites. If your interested give them a look. Of course you could always just type beer news into google also.

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