Chicken Fried Brains

471317715_b782c35500My brain is completely toast right now. It all started Friday night when I decided to have a couple drinks on an empty stomach. Definitely not a good idea. Anyways, needless to say I was a little tipsy before the night was over, and awoke completely exhausted Saturday. Then combine that with the fact that I was up till after 1:00 am last night bottling my second attempt at a gruit, and the fact that I rode the 10 or so miles out here to Corban in a headwind and you get the idea why my brain and body are going on strike. The gruit turned out barely passable. Next time I will cut back on the roasted barley. Also when I made this batch I just dumped in the herbs rather then measure them out since the bags were almost empty. Needless to say I wont be doing that again. The beer has a medicinal bite that isn’t very appatizing. I’m hoping that with half a year or so of aging it’ll diminish a bit. Another interesting experiment with this batch is that about half the bottles are capped with used caps. About a quarter of the way through capping the bottles my brother informed me that we weren’t going to have enough. Not wanting to waste the other 24 bottles of beer though I decided to grab my container of caps I have set aside for recycling and use root around for some salvageable ones. I’ve never reused caps before, and have heard that they don’t always seal right and can cause infection. To help prevent the infection I soaked them in some corn whiskey. In about three weeks we will find out if the caps worked. Also I know I need to get around to brewing that Reese’s Stout. As soon as I get around to buying the grains and dehydrating the peanut butter. Dehydrating peanut butter is a pain in the butt.


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