Cleaning House

Another house cleaning post for me. A chance to get out all those odds and ends floating around in my brain that never made it into posts.

Free Beer

The window is closing for a free bottle of Rose Red Ale. In fact if I didn’t really want to get the word out about this blog I’d be content to call it and just finish the remaining 14 bottles or so on my own. I have a couple more reviews besides the one Carlos and his wife wrote up (thank you so much guys) to post, but if you want to see yours up here shoot me an email at

Reeses Stout

I know I keep promising that the Reeses Stout is coming and it never seems to show up. With taxes due and some other obligations I have I haven’t yet found the time to brew this up yet. I apologize for not having this done, but just know it’s coming.


In my get the vote out post I asked people to vote for Portland as beer city USA. Shortly after some northwest bloggers including theweeklybrew and beervana asked our readers to get out and vote we passed up Asheville NC. Somehow though Asheville managed to get by us again. Are Oregonians so busy sipping their beers and writing reviews of them on their blogs that we’re gonna loose this? It may seem like a small poll, but Charlie Papazian has alot of pull in the beer community, and in the homebrew community especially. If he announces that Asheville NC is beer city USA it will have an impact in the brewing community. This begs the question why he would do this in a silly popularity contest kinda way, but that’s another discussion.

Portland is ahead again, but let’s try and keep it that way this time

Follow Me

I have both a Facebook and a twitter. If you would like you can follow my blog on the Networked Blogs app on Facebook, or follow my updates on twitter. So far I haven’t really used the twitter since I don’t want to pester friends who don’t drink with beer stuff, but if I get a few followers I’ll twit on the Spring Beer and Wine Festival.

Make Yourself Heard

I put this one at the bottom in the hopes that no one will make it this far. Just kidding. I’m really anxious to know who my readers are and better serve them. I started this as a homebrewing blog, but that changed when I began to realize that alot of people who read this were friends who had no clue what I was talking about. Of course this is my blog, and I will post stuff that interests me. But if there is something you think I should post on let me know. The one thing I refuse to do though is become another blog where all I do is taste and judge commercial beers. As fun as drinking new beers is I don’t like doing the whole judging part. Once again the email is

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