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vote-beerI was over on Beervana last night and discovered that there is an unofficial poll put out by Charlie Papazian at to determine beer city USA. Normally I ignore these polls since they’re gimmicky and usually just ridiculous, but I couldn’t ignore this one. Somehow only two cities seem to be getting votes, Portland OR, and Asheville NC. Please raise your hand if you’ve heard of Asheville.

Somehow Asheville is was ahead of Portland in total votes. I’m not sure how that happened since Oregon has already been declared the unofficial micro brew state. So today I am asking everyone to get out and vote for P-Town. Together we can conquer destroy Asheville and make them regret they ever took us on.

Vote Here
Beer Town Poll

Also if you get a chance Deanna over at GreenGlancy did an interesting post awhile back on what to do with your bottlle caps. Check it out if you have the time.

Update: Portland is ahead, but we still need more votes so we can slaughter NC

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4 Responses to “Get The Vote Out”

  1. Carlos says:

    I voted and and read the blog about caps. Great info!

  2. Carlos says:


    Please email me one of your taste forms. My youngest boy spilled his chocolate milk all over it and the computer desk!!!!

  3. […] my get the vote out post I asked people to vote for Portland as beer city USA. Shortly after some northwest bloggers […]

  4. zoe weekly says:

    Asheville is ahead again by about 200, votes we need more votes!

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