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sealus1When I first turned 21 I wouldn’t have dreamed of giving organic beer shelf space in the fridge. Don’t get me wrong, I’d tried organic beer shortly after I began drinking, but even if they were green they tasted crappy and cost much more then a normal beer. The reason for this is that organic barleys reacted different to the malting and roasting process. And since you don’t have the chemical concerns with beer like you do fruit they simply weren’t worth even thinking about drinking. It’s 2009 now though and the market for organic beer has grown, and along with it so have the flavorful brews available. The acceptance of some of the more selectively bred crops and the increase in organic material available has helped boost the ability of brewers to produce a high quality organic beer that can compete with non organics.

Deschutes – Deschutes recently released Green Lakes ale. This is the beer that changed my opinion of organics. It’s a very flavorful American Amber, but was brewed with a limited release, so get it while you can.

Fish Ale – Fish Ale are the makers of Fish Tale ale. This is probably the most common organic I see on Oregons beer isles. The flavors aren’t bad, and it’s a very drinkable beer.

Bison Brewing – Bison goes the extra mile and as far as I can tell makes all their beers organic. The varieties available and the flavors of their brews make Bison the top organic brewer in my opinion.

Roots – Roots gets a mention because their fairly local and have heather ale. They are located in Portland Oregon and offer about five or so types of beer.

Otter Creek– Otter Creek is located in Vermont and is known for their organic IPA called Wolaver’s.

Butte Creek – Another California company with a line of organic beers.

Eel River– Eel River gets a mention since they apparently were the first organic brewer to receive the USDA certified label. This doesn’t mean other brewers weren’t organic, it just means they were the first ones to get approval when the USDA passed the label rules.

Laurelwood Brewing – Another Portland, Oregon company that has a few organics available.

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