Sorry For My Tardiness

sorry-piecesI apologize for not getting this up earlier today, I was having internet troubles. Today I’m gonna clean some house in terms of posting since I have several things to cover.

1. Potential Prizes

Paul over at 72mm is the guy that graciously set up this blog, and allows me to post on it. To up the ante Paul has also talked about potentially giving away some beer/brewing prizes on this blog. Not everything has been finalized, but I’m still excited about the possibility of doing this. I do ask one thing though. If we do the give away please help get the word out so that as many people as is possible can participate.

2. Coastal Crawl

Friday I’m supposed to go up to Newport and visit the Rogue Brewery. Are you jealous? I’m excited to go do some tasting. Hopefully I can get a decent post about Rogue done for Friday or Saturday in honor of this little trip.

4. Tastey Treats

This title is a stretch, but I want to keep the theme. I’ll be bottling the Rose Red next week, and it will be ready for consumption towards the end of March/beginning of April. If you live close by, and want to have a bottle and hang out for a bit feel free to shoot me an email at so I can give you directions. Carlos and J already have bottles claimed, so don’t worry guys, they’re commin.

4. Brewing Prep Sucks

Ok, I killed the theme I had, oh well. My thumbs are very sore right now. Last night I de-labled around forty bottles in order to prep for bottling the Rose Red. More and more I am hating this process, and considering kegging my beers. The problem with kegging though is the cost, and storing the equipment. Also has anyone ever tried to de-oil peanut butter? It’s a really sucky, and lengthy process. Hopefully a Reeses Cup Beer is worth it.

5. Last But Not Least

I talked to Conrad about posting Venti’s taps on here, and he in turn talked to Dino. I’ve gotten the go ahead to post them, but with a hitch. As a teaser Dino is gonna let me know what brewery the new beers are coming from, but not what the actual beer is. The reason for this is they get customers (like me) who come in to see what’s on tap, and end up eating there. I don’t wanna mess with Dinos buiseness, so we’re gonna turn this into a fun game somehow.

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3 Responses to “Sorry For My Tardiness”

  1. Carlos says:

    Glad to see you blog again. Thanks for the beer! It will be a great B-day treat for me:) Let me know when.

    I cant wait until I’m off work to have a cold one! How many more hours???


  2. Carlos says:

    Opps! almost forgot and maybe you know, but the wife and I stayed at the ROGUE Brewery house that you could rent. (you have to call for reservations) Nothing better than staying in that house and have a fridge next to your bed full of beer!

    That was a year and couple months ago.


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