Three Creeks Brewpub


I can’t say for certain if Three Creeks will stand the test of time in Sisters with the economy the way it is, but I hope it does. As a kid our family used to spend summers at a relatives place in Camp Sherman so visiting this pub brought back all sorts of memories. The pub is made to look like an old west livery stable, complete with the western swinging doors.


We ordered three beers with our food. The Anvil Amber, Stonefly Rye, and the Firestorm Red. Out of the three the amber was probably the best balanced beer loaded with malty goodness. The Stonefly was my first ever rye beer, and hopefully not my last. If there ever was a beer I would think of as representing Sisters it would be Stonefly. The flavor was amazing, and it went perfect with my burger. The food was a little pretentious for pub grub in my opinion, but then again it’s Sisters. Where in Sisters does unpretentious food exist?


The prices aren’t bad when compared to other restaurants in the area, but will still set you back more then you might want. A burger will run you around $10 here with a pint costing around $4 if I recall. If rye’s, red’s, and amber’s aren’t your thing Three Creeks also has several pale ales on tap and a beer called knotty blonde that sounds somewhat akin to a cream ale. All their beers are between 4%-6% so having a pint won’t be overdoing it. Give em a try.


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