Top 10 Signs You’re A Beer Snob


1  Your wife thought you were too pretentious and left you for a wine snob

2  You spend so much time sniffing the beer that it looks like your trying to drink through your nose

3  You believe that Europe is the only place good beer comes from

4  You actually enjoy drinking beer from Dogfish Head

5  You’ve never bought a six pack for less then $12

6  When the beer at a party costs less then a days wages you sit and pout, then spend the rest of the night lamenting that this kind of thing would never happen in Europe

7  Even official beer judges envy your ability to write a book on your opinion for every single beer you try

8  You don’t drink anything that isn’t thick enough to float a quarter on

9  You mortgaged your home so you can afford beer for the month

10  You go to a resteraunt and order wine because the only thing they have that comes close to your definition of beer is Blue Moon

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3 Responses to “Top 10 Signs You’re A Beer Snob”

  1. Carlos says:

    #10 was the best! Thanks for the beer. I will taste it this weekend.
    Let me get this straight…I dont put it into the fridge and chill?

  2. Jared says:

    Hey Carlos.

    I recomend cellar temp or slightly chilled for the beer as the citrus comes out more the warmer it is. That being said it’s your beer and that’s just a recomendation 🙂 What I did was I poured cold and let it warm as I drank so I got the spectrum of flavors. My mom and cousin enjoy it cold though so it’s a matter of taste. Also I added the live beer pour slowly thing as a general rule for drinking homebrew, but the truth is it’s a wheat that is meant to have yeast in it so it doesn’t matter with this particular beer.

  3. Carlos says:

    Cool and thanks for the brew:)

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