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uncle-samStarting Tuesday I will officially be back in the swing of things. For those who have been wondering what happened, and why I haven’t brewed in awhile heres an explanation. I work a full time job, but my employer (the state of Oregon ironically) doesn’t take taxes out of my check. So four times a year I’m supposed to send out a tax payment to both the federal government and the state government so I don’t pay through the nose in penalties. Normally though I get by with making two payments to each and then just owing around $800 total on my taxes. That may seem like a bit ta owe, but when you’re expecting it you can just have money set aside.

So anyway this last year things were crazy. I was in England when the first payment came due, and broke (partly from going to England) when the second one was due. This left me two payments to make, which I thought was no big deal. Problem was I forgot one, and wrote out the checks to state and federal for the other. Somewhere in the year though I had lost my forms for paying the federal and didn’t get a new set done up till it was too late for the final payment to federal (got the state one in though). This meant I owed nearly twice what I usually owe in taxes.

What does this all have to do with me brewing? Well I’d only set aside the usual $800 for taxes and had to come up with almost $700 more over the last few months. This is why I haven’t gotten around to brewing the Reese’s (I need a better name for it) yet. Sometime in February I hit panic mode and thought all was lost. I promised myself I would cut back on brewing, beer, and a bunch of other stuff until my taxes were paid. Turns out I didn’t need to freak out like I did. I’m all paid up and with some change to spare. This means tomorrow I get to go shopping for my ingredients for the stout, and get that video I promised.


Some good has come of this though. I managed to cut more stuff out of my budget then I imagined was possible. I’ve learned to better differentiate between what I need, and what I want. And lastly I’ve learned I actually enjoy (to an extent) those cheap commercial lagers I make fun of. This is where homebrewing came in handy also. The Rose Red made 5 gallons of beer, which even with giving almost half away managed to keep me stocked in beer for a bit. By the way Carlos, thanks for those belgians. After drinking Michelob lager near the end they were a bright spot in a dreary landscape of beer heck. So this month I’m going to keep track of exactly how much money I spend on beer for myself, and try to review ways to drink beer that are good for people on a tight budget. After all, with the economy potentially going into the crapper people should start cutting back where they can.

Fare thee well Stella Artois.

3 Responses to “Back to Brewing”

  1. Zoe says:

    Well, I have a great name for your beer. You could call it Peanutbutter BomBay or BomBay Peanutbutter…………..what do you think??

  2. Carlos says:

    Jared, your welcome and thanks for my beer. It washed down quite nicely:) I like the BomBay Peanutbutter.

  3. Jared says:

    I think you’re just agreeing with her since she was the conduit through wich your beer used to be delivered 🙂 To bad that pipe has dried up. We may have to start exchanging beer in person *gasp*. I like the Bombay idea too, but will probably change peanutbutter to CPB in order to shorten it. You’re welcome for the beer. It was the least I could do after that kind gift of belgians 🙂

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