Preping For P-Town

sidetopMost people I know look forward to a day in Portland. I on the other hand do not. I grew up in Salem, Oregon, and that’s as big as I tend to like cities. Even after all those summers in San Fran, and those two weeks in London, Portland still feels big, noisy, crowded, and way too full of people. I don’t like the vibe, I don’t like the max, and I don’t like all those quaint little businesses that everyone rails about. Portland however is the central point in Oregon’s beer culture. Therefore tomorrow I set out on a quest for the Spring Beer and Wine festival. The road will be fraught with idiots who can’t drive, and dreaded beer snobs, but still I must persevere.

Apparently some people out there don’t even think this beer festival is worth it when compared with the bigger ones in Oregon, but I think it will be right up my alley. I’m told that even though it doesn’t have as many local craft brewers that it’s nowhere near as crowded. Ya, this thing does sound right up my alley. I think this thing may be fun after all. Besides tasting beer isn’t about the snobbery or culture of it all. It’s about relaxing, having a good time, and trying some new beers. Although I will admit the list isn’t as appealing as I’d hoped. Here’s the link to the selection. Too bad about all those IPAs on the list.

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  1. Rombmatte says:

    Hi Man!, please, need your help.
    Anybody that says that?

    Thenk you. I am vaiting for answer!!!

  2. Rombmatte says:

    Hi, brother, please, help.
    How long does champagne keep for?

    100 times thenks. I am vaiting for answer!!!

  3. Jared says:

    Keep in mind I don’t know alot about champagne or wine in general. A quick check around the internet seems to yield a consistant answer. Champagne shouldn’t be stored long as it doesn’t keep well. Cellared most champagnes should not be stored longer then two to four years. Also Champagne shouldn’t be stored chilled for more then a couple days. For more info check out this link.

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