Recycling Bottles

obi_023cIt’s Earth Day….. I know that gets some people excited, but to me it’s just another day. But in honor of this day I figured I might as well tie something beer related into helping the earth. After failed starts with another organic beer post, and other ideas I finally struck on one that might work. We all drink beer right? So we all have left over bottles that we recycle right? Well why not reuse your own bottles?

With the whole green movement going on many people are switching from aluminium to glass. Beer drinkers have been ahead of the curve though because most good craft beers come in glass bottles. The problem though is glass really isn’t as super friendly to the environment as people think. Pick up a glass bottle in one hand, and a soda can in the other. Which one is lighter? Which one takes up less space? When it comes to shipping aluminium has the edge. It’s light, compact, and more disposable, and therefore takes less fuel to move. The problem is aluminium can only be recycled a certain number of times. Glass can potentially be recycled till the end of time.

scapeglas1So let’s say you buy this whole glass is better thing, or not, and you dutiffuly recycle all your glass bottles. What happens to them now? Well after your glass is picked up it’s taken to a recycling center where it is crushed, cleaned, and sold. From there your glass ends up in all sorts of places. Ultimately the only way glass can be reused infinatly though is when making more glass. The problem is only recently have companys been using more recycled glass. If your glass bottle is destined end up in another container though it is melted and reformed into a new glass bottle. Gone are the days where bottlers washed and reused glass bottles just as they were.


Ok, now that I’ve been a negative Nelly let me give you some cool uses for those glass bottles. first off you’ll need either a bottle caper (these only work with pry off bottles), or a corker. These things are easy to find online, or at your local home brewing or wine supply shop. You’ll also need to pick up a bottle brush and caps or corks while your at it. When you get back it’s time to decide what you want to do with your bottles. Then you just have to clean out any material in them with the bottle brush (never reuse a bottle with scratches or damage to the inside), and sanitize. Here are some things to put in those bottles.

  • •Those fancy infused vinegars people make
  • •Bottle your own water
  • •Make some soda pop
  • •Make beer or wine
  • •Make your own cordials or liqueurs
  • •Buy liquids in bulk then break them down for storage
  • •If you live in an area of political unrest you could even make Molotov Cocktails (I don’t recommend this since it destroys the bottle and is usually illegal)

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