Surprising Upset!

americanflag01For those who haven’t been following I’ve been trying to get people to go vote for Portland Oregon for the title of beer city USA. Turns out it didn’t matter though as Portland lost. I know what you’re wondering. How could we loose to Asheville? Well we didn’t. Turns out the winner is Beaver Creek, Minnesota. If you look on the poll you’ll notice that there is no Beaver Creek listed. At the bottom of the poll though there is a choice of other. Turns out a large portion of those other votes were for Beaver Creek. In fact Beaver Creek had such a commanding leed that they shut down the poll early and declared them the winners. The small town of 250 took Charlie Papazian and the beer community by surprise. Charlie said on his site “We never thought we would be rewarding this prize to a town without a single brewery.” I’m seriously miffed. How on earth did we get beaten not only by Ashville, but also by Beaver Creek? I think I may just crawl into a hole for the rest of the day. Let me know when the US gets its sanity back.

Happy April Fools Day

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