The Weirdest Night

Please keep in mind that I’m writing this at 2am after a few drinks, but I have to write it now or I won’t believe it in the morning.


I just had the absolute weirdest night. It all started when I decided to text my friend who I will refer to as K. Anyway I hadn’t talked to K for a couple weeks and thought a couple pints at Boon’s Treasury was in order. Well it turned out K’s new roommate was having a moving in party of sorts. I had resigned myself to an evening at home by this point, but K invited me over to chill.

When I showed up there were over a dozen people I’d never met crowded around the fire pit drinking cheap flavorless beer and listening to rap. Definitely weird for this place….. Well at least the rap was. Anyway K ran upstairs for a sec and I met Eric’s (the new roommate) girl. Well K and Eric’s girl had done shots together and she was drunk. Not knowing anyone really except Eric’s woman (she was all to happy to tell you everything after those shots) we decided to walk around downtown Salem where the Cherry City Music Fest was going on while K sobered up.

Our first stop was to be Boon’s, but Boon’s was so crowded it was ridiculous, Next we headed to a place at the Reed Opera House since K knew the owner of a business there. When we got in the door we discovered that the way to the place we were trying to get to was blocked off. Not deterred we took the elevator up planning to take the stairs down, and get past the barrier. After chatting with the friendly people in the elevator we got out and found ourselves in front of the main room thing (no clue what it’s called). We heard some music inside and K decided we were going in even though the cover charge time hadn’t expired. We managed to get in without paying (really we just walked in like we were supposed to be there) and K found someone they knew, the bartender. The bartender had some stuff to do and next thing we knew we had free drinks (not including the $2 tip), and that’s all I’ll say about how that happened.

Anyway the band was awesome. The name was $1000….. Well that’s all of their name I remember. The crowd was made up of young hipsters, people who looked like they were in high school, and older men in sandals; and they were all wearing skinny jeans. K convinced me we should go out on the floor and rock out with everyone else. Really this was the most entertaining part of the night. It was like an after game high school dance all over again. These people were rocking the fist pump, hipsters mosh pit, and the head bang. In fact this one girl seemed to have a personal challenge of dancing as slutty as possible to rock music.

After the band finished playing we decided to hit Venti’s. Turns out Venti’s was fairly empty for a Friday night, and the band that was playing had had a tantrum and walked out. Disappointed we decided to head to Pete’s Place for a bite before we went back to K’s. After we had a bite to eat (and I had a couple drinks) we began the walk back to K’s. As we were walking past the new location for Salem Cinema some random guy came out of no where and convinced us we should hea to The Space because the band was good, and apparently the girl had killer legs. Ya, he was a little drunk me thinks. So since The Space was across the street, and there was no longer a cover charge we decided to stop by. Once there we listened to “Half Shark/Half Jesus” and watched three girls dance the same dance to every song. I’ll leave off the description of their groupie girls, and the way they danced since this is over 600 words already

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