A Clarification/Reaction/Appology

On April 30th I wrote an open letter to Greg Koch in which I accused him of being a “whiny jerk off” amongst other things. I’ll admit I was wrong in writing that letter the way I did. I have never met Greg and do not know what kind of person he is. That day Greg became the focus of all my annoyance with the craft beer industry and the beer snobs that follow it. I was wrong. I thought Greg would never read it and thought my vent would be good for a few laughs and some poking with sticks in his direction. Apparently I thought wrong though as Greg read it and even posted a link to it on his twitter today. While I’m sure Greg is a good guy if you know him personally I still stand by some of what I said and would like to clarify it in an attempt to address some of the comments I’ve received.

Mr Koch,

First off I apologize for the attributes I layered on you. I do not know you personally and had no right to characterize you as such. That being said please understand that the way you present yourself and your brewery is what has caused me to leap to these conclusions. I understand that part of it is simply how you market your beers. After all, I’ve grown up around Rogue who labels themselves as the beer that individualists drink. I get that it gives the product an air of being exclusive. My problem is that products and companies who characterize themselves in this manner annoy me to no end. I also understand that you were using mozzarella sticks and Kenny G in a humorous way, but in my mind that just pointed back to the problem I was trying to address. We’ve allowed and encouraged labels to be attached to craft beer that have made it more about the image then good beer. Also I don’t see how passion has anything to do with whetheror not someone can make a good product. I personally make beers I enjoy. Am I passionate about them? Well, I’m not sure I’d characterize it in that way. I just happen to make what I enjoy and am content with that. In my mind your version of passion conjurs the idea of being narrow minded about your own tastes.

To Everyone Else,

I’m not the Miller drinker I was describing. I have nothing against Miller, I just don’t happen to enjoy their beer. That Miller drinker I described happened to be a combination of two of my friends, both of whom are BMC drinkers. The one that likes Miller also happens to be my favorite drinking buddy. They do enjoy craft beer, but Miller High Life is just something they happen to enjoy more. Also my grandparents are Busch Lite drinkers. I don’t blame this on them being ignorant or dispassionate. They have both tried craft beer and usually try whatever homebrew I have and still prefer their Busch. They just happen to have different tastes. I don’t see how this makes them ignorant or dispassionate. The fact that I got comments about people being surprised that the person I described didn’t drink craft beer just goes to prove that we have attached ridiculous labels on craft beer drinkers.

Also when I talked about diversity I wasn’t refering to beer selection, but referring to the people that frequent craft beer pubs in Salem. Although I would rather go to these places and have a good local beer I find myself more often at local watering holes that serve BMC simply because the crowds are more diverse, and more fun IMHO. I’d rather kick back and relax without having to hear about Indy music, local foodie hotspots, and all those other silly things. I feel that craft beer has allowed itself to become so exclusive and snobbish that it is ridiculous. I still stand by my challenge to Greg and the rest of you. Rather then criticize others for their beer tastes buy them a Bud and have a conversation. Who knows, you may find a great friend, albeit one who drinks BMC.

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4 Responses to “A Clarification/Reaction/Appology”

  1. kchophead says:

    Ha ha. You really hit the hornet’s nest with a stick there. Greg also replied back to theworthogs blog. I find it suprising that he is out there doing that. Maybe he can make a “Blogger Bock”. I’d drink it. Right before Greg responded I wrote what I have seen of him too, but that doesn’t change my thoughts on his damn good beer. I just wish I could find it around here.

  2. Kevin says:

    I guess the only thing that stands out about what you wrote to me is that you criticize some craft beer people in the exact same manner that you are accusing them of doing to BMC drinkers…no one is wrong. Just drink what you like. Greg is trying to appeal to a certain type of beer drinker, if that is not you…let it go just like every other product out there you dont buy. I dont see why this is even an issue quite honestly.

  3. Mikedashg says:

    :thumbsup: Awesome follow-up. If you find yourself in SoCal, I’ll see you at Stone, pint is on me. Maybe Greg will be around and we can all have a good laugh.

    – Mike “Will work on Keeping the Snobbery at Bay” G

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