An Alcohol Free Weekend

no_beerSo this last Saturday and Sunday I went to a Mariners game, did a drawing for a brewing kit, and walked around Pikes Place Market. The one thing I didn’t do though was drink a single beer. Talk about lame. Right across the street from SAFECO Field was Pyramid Brewery, perhaps Washingtons biggest brewery, and I didn’t go in for a pint. Walking around Pikes Place we saw Pikes Place brewery, and again I abstained. Talk about torture for a beer fan. All that local Seattle beer, and not a drop to drink.

The beer highlight for the weekend was a $7 O’Douls at Safeco. All in all O’Douls makes pretty good near beer. It tasted somewhat like a pilsner. But at $7 a bottle one was my limit, even if it was a non-alcoholic beer. Instead I tried a few craft sodas this weekend (two of which were imports) and spent the days relaxing with friends. Did I miss beer? Sure I did. When I was drinking that O’Douls, or walking by those breweries you bet I wanted to go in, sample some beers, and post about it. But overall it was nice to relax with friends without wondering how I could do a write up for my blog. To be honost I could have done without the whole market atmosphere of Pikes Place though. But that’s another post.

If Saturday and Sunday were alcohol free though then Monday and Tuesday were all about beer. Monday we did an actual tasting for relatives of my homebrew, and I got four bombers of Rogue from my cousin. Tuesday though was strange. Without even trying it seemed every conversation became about beer. We were talking about our second jobs and hobbies, beer came up. I went to Mt Angel Sausage Co. for lunch, and they were picking out beers and wanted my opinion. I went to Bavarian House after work for a pint, and the server thought I was too young to be drinking “dark beer”, and we ended up talking about beer. It seems whether or not I want/force it too my life revolves more and more around beer lately.

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