Back In Mt Angel

Im going to be in Mt Angel for training today and tomorrow, so expect my updates to be as lame as yeasterdays.

Yesterday I was back in Mt Angel for the first time since middle school, the first time I’ve been there since I turned 21. So where does a brewer go for lunch when in Mt Angel. Well I thought they went to the Mt Angel Brewery. Turns out it’s been closed for a bit though. Man do things change in a few years (ok so maybe like 8-10 years isnt a few, but heh).


For some reason when I found out I had to be in Mt Angel yesterday I thought I’d ride my bike. It would give me a chance to do a decent distance, on flat terrain, and would be fun. Problem was I wasn’t sure how long it would take me. Not remembering the terrain though, and guessing the distance from my memories of going up there with my dad I deduced at least 2 hrs would be necesary, I upped it to 2 and a half would be safe, and gave myself an hour onto that for lunch. So I left around 9:30 am to head up there, and rolled in to Mt Angel around 10:30 am…… There’s nothing to do in Mt Angel at 10:30 am. Heck the pubs don’t even open till 11.

So what does a beer lover do to kill 2 and a half hours in a town with nothing open. A beer lover rides out and visits the hop fields. Turns out it was time to twist the vines at the particular field I was at and I enjoyed watching people work on something that may eventually end up in my beer. In fact I took some pictures of the hop field….. While standing on the grounds of a seminary! Oh what fun it is to tempt lightning to strike you down on a sunny day.

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Oh yeah, Even with Mt Angel Brewery closed I managed to find at least one decent non import/non Coors beer. Glockenspiel had it on tap and it was called Celtic Copper Ale from Cascade Brewing. It was a pretty good beer, that is until I found out I had to give a urin sample for work right after drinking it. Good thing I wasn’t on the clock yesterday.

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3 Responses to “Back In Mt Angel”

  1. Bob says:

    Glad you’re back visiting Mt. Angel! I’ve been to a couple of these places recently, and can give you my report on their beers, but must confess that I am a big fan of the dark German beers which are wonderfully available at most places in town. Because I enjoy the Spaten beers so much, I would always recommend trying to have lunch (the Brat-n-a-Beer special) at Mt.Angel Sausage Company, but that’s my German roots showing. Frank-N-Stein’s Pub has recently been serving a nice Widmer “W ’09” Golden Ale on draft, on their rotating seasonal tap, amidst the usual domestic lagers, and I think they intend to always keep one or more Northwest seasonals on draft year-round. Frank-N-Stein’s has good food as well, of the inexpensive burger/tacos/fish-and-chips type. The Bavarian Haus restaurant has a good selection of beers also, which seems equally split between German beers/Domestic beers/Northwest microbrews, and their food is wonderful! Glockenspiel is a wonderful fine dining experience, and I’m always grateful to see they have a fine selection of beers available to accompany your meal. Come back and visit again soon! –Bob

  2. Jared says:

    Hey Bob,

    Thanks for your comment. The attitude of Mt Angels people is what makes Mt Angel such an enjoyable experience. Just this morning I ate at that little cafe on the left as you come into town. The people were friendly, and one of the priests from the church who was drinking coffee had a chat with me. I’ve experienced nothing but friendly people, both these last two days and back in middle school. I rode by Frank-n-Steins pub yesterday, and had been planning to go today, but with a half hour lunch today I just settled for a brat at Mt Angel Sausage. I have to forgo beer with lunch this week, which is dissapointing. Company won’t allow me to have any alcohol in my system period while on the clock. I understand the policy, but I don’t like it. I think I’ll swing by the Bavarian House after tomorrows training since so many people recomend it. Although I like some German beers, Spatten just doesn’t tickle my fancy. Ironic since it’s more common than Coors there.

  3. Paul says:

    Yay for rolling out there on two wheels! We’ll be riding out that way soon…we’ve been passing the cutoff sign for “Mt. Angel, 4 Miles” each Saturday morning, and keep saying ‘we need to get out there next time,’ so next time, I think we will.

    Good ride.

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