Falling In Love With A Comment

Back on the 6th my blog, and some other blogs I read were twitted in part because of our responses to the I Am A Craft Brewer vid on Vimeo. This led to an avalanche of comments on all these blogs, and some were more interesting then others. One in particular had an effect on me, and it takes alot for someones words to stir me into a Passion. It was submitted by David Berg of August Schell brewing. Strangely it was meant for the blog of a lady named Maureen who happened to be on the Beer Wars panel (she was the infamous El Guapo who said “see me in ten years”). It couldn’t have fallen in better hands though as he accidentally posted it at Jeff Alworths blog Beervana. Jeff has written a bit on this quandary facing the brewers association (here and here, oh yeah, and he talks about Widmer getting kicked from “craft beer” here) to see Jeff’s post on David’s comment click here.

Without anything further on my part here is what David wrote.

Hey Maureen-

“I was a craft brewer.” That’s the movie I want to make. Because, I was at one time, according to the BA and the video. But alas, I work for August Schell now, and we are not craft brewers (just ask the BA). Never mind the fact that we will celebrate our 150th year in 2010 as the second-oldest family owned brewery in the US. We survived prohibition, a Native American uprising that burned New Ulm to the ground, and the vanishing of regional breweries in the 70’s and 80’s. Forget the fact that we sold a tree on our grounds in the 80’s to pay the bills. Discount that we brewed a German Pilsner and Weizen in 1986.

Because, the fact is, the bulk of our production uses corn as an adjunct. And even if you discount that beer, we would still produce a larger volume of non-adjunct beers than most of the top craft breweries. But hey, what does that matter?

No, I am not a craft brewer, and I’ll happily be that for another 150 years.


David Berg
August Schell Brewing


Cheers David

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2 Responses to “Falling In Love With A Comment”

  1. David Berg says:

    Ha! Yeah, I was following too many links, hitting the page back on my browser, and thought I was posting on Maureen’s site. When I figured out I posted on Jeff’s site, I figured, oh well, I may as well explain why I called him Maureen!

    Anyhow, glad some people liked it. It saddens that things like this are going on in the industry today. I guess everyone is fighting for tap lines and shelf space, but come on guys, we’re all in this together. It’s not like we’re trying to solve world hunger or cure cancer…it’s beer. Spend time making the best beer that you can, no matter what style, and then promote it on its merits. Quit drawing lines in the sand and trying to build yourself up by tearing others down. That’s what I’d like to see.


  2. Tania says:

    Where are you from? Is it a secret? 🙂

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