Future Beer Ideas

It’s always a bad to get me brainstorming about weird beer ideas. A nice easy conversation about unusual beers has a tendancy to become a nightmare for traditionalist brewers as I debate the idea of black olive, chocolate PB, asparagus, and hay as adjuncts for beer.

Last night one of these conversations began with my friend Dan, and next thing I knew we were throwing out recipe ideas left and right. So for your amusement I thought I’d post a sample of the ideas we came up with. A quick warning though, a few of these have gone into recipe development, so if the idea of butter flavor in beer makes you ill then stop reading now.

Irish Coffee Stout

Irish coffee is a nice sitting by the fire in the evening drink. So with coffee stouts already existing why not try to duplicate the Irish Cream flavor and add it in? This ones in research and recipe development.

French Toast American Wheat

This one is all Dans idea, but it has intrigued me and may go into development phase soon. It would be a mellow American wheat with an ale yeast to eliminate typical banana flavors from traditional wheat beer yeasts. Adjuncts would be vanilla, maple, cinnamon, nutmeg, and butter flavoring. The butter flavor is the thing I keep getting hung up on.

Mocha Porter

I know Rogue has a Mocha Porter, but it just lacks the strength of coffee flavors that I’d like. mine would be a combination of something like Youngers Double Chocolate and some really intense coffee stout with some sweetness and some oatmeal for mouth feel.

Light Roast Irish Red

This is one I’ve had bouncing around for a little bit, but am still uncertain on execution. It would be an Irish Red with a light roast coffee flavor.

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2 Responses to “Future Beer Ideas”

  1. Señor Brew says:

    For the buttery flavor in the French Toast Wheat, use a yeast (like the Wyeast Irish ale) that tends to produce Diacetyl. Then, ferment it in a way that encourages production of it (ferment cool, no diacetly rest, introduce oxygen during fermentation).

  2. Jared says:

    That was my first thought. The problem is controling the diacytel content in the beer. My current idea is do a diacytel rest, but add concentrated diacytle back in the beer in controlled amounts at secondary. I’m wondering if diacytle is available after the health stuff about it last year. Do people not get that this stuff occurs naturally in many things they consume daily? *Sigh*

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