It’s Bottling Time

beer-009Yesterday was my last OIS training, and tomorrow I’m back in class for at least another two days. With the class this week, and all the other stuff I’ve been doing I haven’t had much time for some of the things I’ve needed to get done. Planting the garden is a good example. Bottleing 10 gal of beer is another.

So you’ld think with all this stuff to do I’d at least have a start on some of it right? Nope, currently I am sitting on the couch procrastinating.

The idea of spending the next hour or two bottling beer, then going out and gardening just isn’t motivating me today. Maybe after lunch I’ll get started.

2 Responses to “It’s Bottling Time”

  1. I can’t stand bottling. I keg now, and only bottle off the keg for competitions and gifts. You have to collect/buy the bottles, wash the bottles, sanitize the bottles, fill the bottles, and cap the bottles. Fifty times. Or more. Or you could do it once with a keg.

  2. Jared says:

    Ya, bittling can be a pain. I need to look at the cost to invest in kegging. Any tips?

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