Memorial Day and Beer


Memorial Day is the second biggest holiday in terms of beer sales in the United States. For many people it means a three day weekend full of camping and BBQ’s, many breweries also have sales/tastings around memorial day. While I’m all for good beer and good times, I can’t help but wonder if craft beer should be taking advantage of this holiday. Sure brewers weren’t the ones that took a patriotic holiday and morphed it into a party, and sure macro brewers have been taking advantage of it for years. But isn’t the philosophy of craft beer about being different? Being better?

Memorial Day was founded as a day of remembrance in the north to honor those slain in the Civil War, with the  south choosing to honor their dead on separate days. When memorial day became about honoring all Americas slain though the government set a date for the whole nation to honor those who died for our country. Over the years though memorial day has morphed for many into a day of play lived out in a beery haze. By craft brewers encouraging people to spend their memorial day having fun in a buzzed state how are we honoring our dead?

I say the craft beer industry should stand up. It should show what it;s made of, and that it can be different. That craft beer is the unique industry that it claims to be, and not just gourmet beer for people with money. Let’s reclaim our holiday! I understand not everyone can, or has the desire too, go to a grave site and place flowers. So instead let’s honor the dead as drinkers honor everything. At 3pm Pacific time join me in taking a break from the fun, and take a second to remember our fallen heroes and toast to their honor. Because today isn’t a holiday for beer, BBQ’s, and boating. Today is a holiday for America.

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