Mirror Mirror, Wherefor Art Thou?


I have been hitting all the local specialty beer sellers alot lately looking for one particular bottle of beer. The 22oz Deschutes Reserve Series Mirror Mirror Barleywine (as a side effect of searching my consumption of 22oz bombers has gone up). On April 22nd the bottles were sealed with wax, and as of the 29th (the kickoff party) the beer has been released. Here’s the problem though. It has been a week, and still no Mirror Mirror.

I know a week isn’t a lot of time to get the beers to the stores, but darn it all. Not only is Mirror Mirror taking a long time to hit the shelves, but I’m still waiting for the day I can pick up a bottle of Red Chair, and longing for a sixer of Twilight. Come on Deschutes, get on the ball.

So why am I longing so much for this beer? Well there are multiple reasons.

♥ First off, Mirror Mirror is a barleywine. While I’m not normally a big fan of imperials, or other big beers, there’s something nice about a glass of a nicely balanced barleywine after dinner that makes it a treat.

♥ Secondly, Mirror Mirror promises to be that balanced barleywine. It comes in at 30 IBU’s which isn’t too bad, and at 11% ABV. Also Deschuttes didn’t loose touch with itself and kept up with their creative dry hopping when they made this. This means Mirror Mirror will have some great hop complexity. Also as an added touch this batch is going to have a nice oak aged finish to it.

♥ And lastly, the bottle will look darned good on my wall with all my other bottles from northwest breweries.

I recommend picking up a few bottles of these if you can. Their suggested retail is around$12 which means it’ll probably cost around $13 a bottle, but multiple bottles are necessary. Barlywines are made to be aged, andMirror Mirror is no exception. In fact the bottle says best if drank after 2010 on it! With the wax dipping that Deschutes gave their bottles I get the feeling these can age for awhile longer and the multiple bottles would be necessary for this reason. You have to have a bottle or two to drink while that one sits in the cellar for a couple years after all.

For a fun drinking game  have a glass of barleywine every time you read Mirror Mirror.

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