Results Of Beer City USA Poll

Charlie’s poll for “Beer City USA” has closed, and the winners have been announced. Of course accusations of cheating have been leveled, mostly in Portland’s direction, and the trash talking has started. Perhaps more interesting then the results are some of Charlie’s comments about it. Check them out here. Also here are the results in case you don’t want to read the whole thing in an attempt to find them.

Who gets top honors?  I’m honoring both Portland, Oregon and Asheville, North Carolina this year.  They are number one in the east and number one in the west with about 6,000 votes apiece.   What, no definitive Number 1 and Number 2?  Correct.  Is that a cop out?  I don’t think so, but of course beer drinkers are an opinionated group of individuals and may beg to differ. 

Will I conduct a Beer City USA poll next year?   I haven’t decided that yet. 

Now I have to get myself to Asheville for a first time visit and revisit the delights of Portland.

Cheers Charlie,

We may not like your poll much, but we respect you none the less

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  1. zoe weekly says:

    the west coast rocks…and while visiting portland why not visit some of the sorounding citys that have great beer.

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