Seven Brides, Three Dad’s, And Two Uncles

seven_brides_logo_smI’ve spent all evening agonizing over how to start this post. After all how do you describe an experience like the one I had today at Seven Brides Brewery? Well how about we start at the beginning? Not the beginning of my adventure though, at the beginning of theirs. Tomorrow I’ll speak of my adventures, and if it doesn’t convince you to try a Seven Brides beer then…. Well hopefully you will, because if anyone deserves to get credit where it’s due it’s Seven Brides.

Seven brides is proudly founded by three dads and two uncles with a history rooted in beer, and not just any beer, but homebrew. The brewery started in a garage around home made beer, not in a pub,  it was founded by a family, It supports the local brewing community in Oregon, and perhaps most heartwarming of all it was named after the seven girls belonging to three of the breweries owners. These are the five men behind Seven Brides.

Josiah Kelley – President and so much more
Phill Knoll – Head Brewer
Karl Knoll – Assistant Brewer and Plant Manager
Ken DeSantis – Head of Accounting
Jeff DeSantis – Sales and Marketing Director

Also here is a list of their signature brews, most named after one of their daughters.

Lauren’s Pale Ale
Emily’s Ember
Oatmeal Ellie
Maggie’s Marzen
Abbey’s Apple Ale
Lil’s Pils

As a side note Jeff is also co-founder of Hops2You. Together him and John Annen supply the hops that make it into your local beers including ones from Seven Brides, Calapooia, Lauralwood, and others. Also Hops2You supplies hops to homebrewing stores in Oregon, so next time you pick up a bag of Fuggles from Doug you can thank Jeff. In fact I’m thinking about brewing an all Fuggle hopped beer now thanks to Jeff.

Remember this picture? Turns out the hops in this field belong to Annen, and may just end up in a local beer near you

click for larger

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