The More I Drink


I figured I should do more today then just remind everyone that today is the last day to enter the drawing. But what should I post about? I have a ton of posts stored away for a rainy day, or just sitting around waiting for me to do more research, or just ideas that have failed. So why not toss one of those up? I don’t know to be honest, but I will blame it on last night. After all beer kills brain cells right? So therefore last night has killed the cells that did my thinking….. There may not have been many there to begin with, but still. The reason I blame last night is that it’s a perfect example of why I don’t like drinking more then a couple beers at a time.

I’ll explain,

When I drink beer everything’s fine normally. I have a few, I relax, then I go about the rest of my evening. If I get buzzed though it becomes hard to stop. You’ve heard of beer munchies right? The thing where you drink alot of beer and then crave chips. Well I get the munchies, but the only thing that satisfies them is more beer. I stop before I get drunk, but even then that much beer can’t be good on the gut. Last night is a perfect example. I was craving a nice creamy stout on my way home from work and decided the stout in the fridge just wouldn’t cut it. So I get to the beer isle and can’t decide what would hit the spot. I ended up walking away with an imperial stout, an oatmeal stout, and a British IPA thinking I’d drink one, and leave the other two in reserve for another time….. Ya…..

Anyway I started off with the 22oz imperial that came in at 8.2% abv. It was really tasty for an imperial and that combined with my thirst and empty stomach the beer was empty in no time, and I was a little buzzed. I sat there for about five minutes before deciding that the oatmeal was starting to sound tasty. In another couple minutes I’d decided to have it and another 22oz beer bit the dust. Luckily I was somewhat smarter with this one and savored the creaminess of it. I was still buzzed however, and beer still sounded good, so the British style IPA came out and another pint was added to list of victims. By the time I’d finished this beer I knew I had to head to bed so I could be up in the morning so I called it quits. I went to bed with a grin on my face though, a good buzz, and three more empties to refill with my next batch.

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  1. Carlos says:


    I like this short story of yours because it’s the type of story you tell your friends at work or when your hanging out. Also its the thought process that I think many of us have while drinking.
    I know I get the beer muchies bad while drinking. I know if I have a long day of hanging out with my wife and were with a group of people, I like to eat a big breakfast in the morning and then I’m good for most of the day.


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