When Seasonals Should Be Standards

Yesterday Greg Koch stopped by my blog and it has fried my brain in terms of writing. For those who don’t know me I like to poke, but abhore confrontation. So yesterday was a tense day. Not only that, but many blogs that I posted comments on in the morning were visited by him and his followers also. So even my comments that weren’t anti Greg Koch began to look like it to me. So while I’d like to write a reaction to yesterday, I’m going to refrain. I’m picking a nice safe topic that can’t get me in trouble.


Last night I picked up a bottle of seasonal beer from Ninkasi which is fast becoming my favorite seasonal brewer. Sadly though it looks like my love for them will never move beyond their seasonals. Their main lineup consists of a couple Northwest IPAs and a double red. As a person who isn’t to big into overhopped beers it’s understandable that I’m less then thrilled with their main line. Their Spring Reign, Oatis, and Sleigh’R though are all awesome beers, and count for around half of their lineup.

Why is it that these amazing beers must be relegated to only a few months of the year?

I’ve noticed somewhat of a theme in some Oregon breweries (if it’s only occasionaly is it still a theme?) Breweries will have a few excellent beers available, and then round out their line with multiple over the top IPAs because that’s what sells here. That leaves those of us who don’t like IPAs much up Bitch Creek (joke for Northwestern drinkers). Instead I’m stuck buying Rogue, Deschutes, Widmer, and Anchor to round out the beer fridge and give me a break from homebrew. I guess I could just go out and buy a case of Spring Reign, and I guess I could do the same with Oatis. But doesn’t a case seem over the top for a great beers that on their own could carry your main line?

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  1. Qui Sait? says:

    I agree. Most of my favorite beers from local breweries are seasonals. Very unfortunate pattern. I don’t care for Ninkasi’s overhopped beers, but enjoy their seasonals.

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