Bad Hop News

Picture borrowed from KalamaBrew

Picture borrowed from KalamaBrew

Apparently I’m not the last person to jump on this bandwagon, but I’m certainly not the first. Charlie Papazian reported on it on the 28th of may, and Yesterday Jeff Alworth posted on it.

Apparently on the 26th of May hail storms swept Germany destroying and damaging a sizable amount of Germany’s crops. None of the total figures are in, nor has the total impact been determined. In fact some growers are apparently not expecting a hop shortage in 2009. Even so supplies will be stressed and some homebrewers are starting to worry. Personaly I plan to adapt, brewing with hops that aren’t grown in Germany. The problem is though that if the price of one kind of hops go up then the others may follow.

If you want more info on what’s goin on in the Father Land then check out Charlies article here, or Jeff’s blog here.

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  1. Señor Brew says:

    Yeah, this was posted to my brew clubs list-serv a couple of days ago. It sucks for me because I really love German beers and hops.

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