Early Beer Memories

grwolfeel2I’m sure somewhere in all of us is a vivid memory involving a beer. Wether it’s summers drinking with the family at a bbq, or sneaking a case of Bud to the river back in high school. For me though my most distinct memory involving a beer comes from Rogue. Maybe that’s why Rogue is always my fall back beer, and maybe that’s why my shelves are covered in Rogue bottles. In fact, it’s probably why I’ve wanted one particular Rogue bottle for awhile.

Back in the day Rogue partnered with the Orgeon Coast Aquarium for a fundraiser and released their beers under the names of the aquariums residents. On a trip to the aquarium my dad picked up a sixer of Wolf Eel Ale, and Rogue was introduced to our family. Since we had memberships to the aquarium we visted whenever we were nearby, and I’m sure my dad got Wolf Eel everytime we visited. In fact he got Wolf Eel whenever he could since other places at the coast carried it.

So what makes Wolf Eel so special? Nothing really. It was just Dead Guy Ale under a different name. But to this day Wolf Eel Ale shirts bring back a flood of memories of visiting the aquarium with my family. It’s why to this day I keep a lookout for a Wolf Eel bottle to add to my Rogue collection.

So what beer had an impact in your younger days?

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