IPA Is The Thing


Sorry for the late update

So IPA appears to be the next beer I am making. This should be interesting since it’s one of my least favorite styles…. I take that back. A Northwest IPA is one of┬ámy least favorite. I have had some good IPA’s that didn’t make your face contort from bitterness. So now that we’ve narrowed it to style here are the options. Sometime next week I will tally the votes and develop a recipe. For people who don’t know what to vote for go with the Gooseberry ­čśë

Honey Wheat IPA
Irish IPA (an IPA crossed with an Irish Red)
Gooseberry & Yarrow IPA (my personal choice)
Oak aged Bourban IPA (not sure if this will work, but sounds good)


6 Responses to “IPA Is The Thing”

  1. Honey Wheat IPA, although I would go light on the honey.

  2. zoe weekly says:

    gooosberry all the way

  3. kchophead says:

    Just posted about my IPA. That’s why I wanted to hear about brewing a barleywine but it’s all good because it’s all about the IPA.


    I vote for Oak aged IPA. That artical about Great Divide has a oak chips double IPA. I can’t wait to taste that. Maybe we’ll have to beer swap so we can taste eachother’s IPA’s.

    Never had a gooseberry. But how different is an Irish Red/IPA from an ISB style?

  4. Jared says:

    I’m not sure how different they’d be because I haven’t hashed out a recipe yet, it’s just a thought. Basicly I was thinking IPA with a more roasty malt profile. Who knows, they may clash or work.

  5. I’m from Chicago, we vote early and often here. So I’m voting again, er, my dead uncle Larry is voting for the honey wheat IPA.

  6. Curlyfat says:

    honey wheat IPA. Very curious, but not curious enough to try it myself..

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