My First Mead


It’s 1:45 am here and I just put the airlock on my first mead.

This is an experiment I’ve been wanting to brew for awhile. Randomly today while I was running errands I swung by a local natural foods store and picked up 12 pounds of honey. Foolishly I thought this was enough. Even though the 12 pounds wasn’t enough it was even interesting trying to get that much.

First I had to find a store employee, then I had to ask what size tubs they had in the back. Turns out they only carry 45 pound tubs…. That was way too much. Next I had to fill 4 containers full of the sticky stuff, and then carry it to the checkout. Of course I also had to swing by the beer isle. Apparently it’s not every day that someone walks through the checkout isle with this much honey. Every single store employee that came by had questions about what I was doing, how I was making it and the like. Ironically after finding out I was making mead they carded me. Not for the honey that would turn into mead, but for the beer. I just find it strange that we just get done talking about the alcohol I was gonna make and they card me for beer.

So when all is said and done I finally got around to making the must. But prior to finishing the must I decided to run the recipe through a mead calculator. Turns out 12 pounds wasn’t enough. Problem was that all the stores close by that carry honey in bulk were closed. Panicked I hopped on the bike and ran to Safeway where I got 5 more pounds for my must. I got the must made, the yeast pitched, and now I’m just finishing the movie I was watching before I head to bed.

Here are the totals for the honey

11 pounds clover honey
6 pounds unfiltered raw honey

That’s alot of honey

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