newspaperDana Hall is one of the semi regular commenters here at theweeklybrew (you have to be a bar to have actual regulars). She is not only a semi regular commenter, but also the Editor-In-Chief for Passionate for Life Magazine, and the winner of the Mr Beer (for her husband).

Dana asked me to write an article on my passion for brewing beer. My first reaction was she obviously didn’t read my post on Greg Koch. Every single fan of his asserted that I was obviously not passionate about beer. I kinda knocked the idea around a bit before responding with a yes. Not sure if it came through in my email, but it was one of those yes answers where your hoping for a response back saying, “Hey,  was just kidding.”

Around this time life was starting to get busy with my training for work, my job, and this blog. Once I said yes though  things exploded. Somewhere in there though I managed to write at least 5 versions of the article, each was crappier then the next. Finally I thought screw it, wrote what was on my mind at the moment, and hit send.

Dana either liked the article, or was being nice because she won the Mr Beer drawing, but somehow my article ended up on her site. If you get a chance you should go check the article out. There are also some good articles about other stuff like family and marriage on there, but mines the only one about something important like beer.


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2 Responses to “Passion”

  1. Dana Hall says:

    This guy cracks me up! Jared, your article is fun to read and full of passion. I’ve enjoyed “getting to know you” through your articles and email. I obviously need to find your “Greg Koch” post!

    I am more of a margarita and wine woman. We live very close to the California wine country. I enjoy the experience, the exploring new wineries, tasting while meeting new people.

    But, I have to admit, I had a wonderful evening at a brewery dinner. The brewmaster paired each course with a carefully chosen beer. I’m thinking I will go along with the program, so my husband will have a great evening…

    We shared a table with a passionate homebrewer, and his beer buddy, and another couple. The homebrewer made the experience very interesting for us. The food was wonderful and the beer was enjoyable, until a certain pairing… I put my empty glass down, and looked around the table. I immediately took a mental inventory and realized I must have guzzled my beer, because everyone at the table had at least a half glass left!

  2. Dana Hall says:

    OH, My Goodness! Jared, I went back and found the “Greg Koch” stuff. I must have asked you to write the article about YOUR PASSION right around that same time, how bizarre. Even as you were insisting you weren’t passionate, I was asking you to write about your passion! Maybe this experience will save you years of costly analysis?? Men just hate to deal with their feelings. LOL!

    Now, if I could just find about 100 people who are passionate about whatever they are passionate about, to send me more passionate articles!

    It’s been fun,


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