crcawebOk, I just gotta get my wits about me by recapin the mead process day

The first thing I learned today is making mead is different then beer.

Mead needs yeast nutrients and energizer. It also needs oxygen which is a no no for beer once fermentation starts. It would have been smart to look this stuff up before hand, but instead I waited till almost 12 hours after I pitched my yeast.

I learned that I’m a confident driver when no one’s in the car.

I don’t drive…. ever. So driving to Homebrew Heaven for yeast nutrient today was nice without anyone in the car.

All the training I did may not be for nothing.

I got a call Wednesday saying the home we were working on opening was dead in the water. Turns out there is still potential signs of life.

When one homebrews, one makes due.

This should be the homebrewers motto. I needed to stir my must today. Turns out a sanitized carboy brush does wonders.

I can’t pair beers with food, but I can pair beers with cars

Today I wrote a post that may get published at PorschePerfect where I paired different beers with different Porsche models. I think it turned out rather well. When it does get put up I’ll post the link here so you guys can read it.

Lastly, don’t post after 10 pm when you are bored and have a buzz.

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