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rogue_logoI’ve gotten in contact with Rogue Brewery, but I can’t say about what yet. The only reason I’m telling you this is in the process of them emailing them back they sent me a list of their ’09 releases. They also let me know that I misspelled John Maier’s name in the tag for the write up I did on John-John. I got it right in the article at least. So here are Rogue’s ’09 releases. If you live in another state and want to do a trade send me an email at┬áIf I can get ahold of the bottle you want we’ll do a trade.

Somer Orange Honey Ale:
It’s unique recipe includes sweet orange peel and
Oregon-indigenous Wildflower Honey from Wild Harvest
Honey in Blodgett, OR

Issaquah Brewhouse White Frog:
Hand-crafted ale created by Issaquah brewer Dave Hutchinson using 13 ingredients

Captain Sig’s Norwestern Ale:
Imperial Red, sold in select markets with commercial fishing industry, and
proceeds from Sig’s sales will benefit the Fisherman’s Fund,
a foundation setup by the Hansen families supporting NW charities

Sesquicentennial Ale:
Celebrating Oregon’s 150th Anniversary. Made with Oregon hops, barley, yeast and free range coastal water.
My write up on it

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