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rothslogoA couple days ago I went to the Keizer Roth’s to get some dinner stuff and noticed their beer isle has been re-done. It used to be that their bombers occupied more shelf space, with the first bit of the isle occupied by imports. Well it looks like most of the imports are gone, and the bombers consolidated to a smaller area. This is good and bad. Many of the beers I enjoyed grabbing on my way home are now absent, but there is a better selection of Northwest beers, including a line up of Pelican beers. My main complaint is still the lack of attention Roth’s (World Market is guilty too) pays to limited releases. In fact I still have yet to find Deschutes seasonal Twilight there.

Another good thing is that there were two carts full of beers on clearance near the back of the store. Most of them weren’t beers I enjoy sadly, but there were some. The average price of these six packs was 5.99 each. That’s not bad. I just wish they’d put those discontinued bombers in the clearance cart.

I picked up a bottle of Firestone Walkers DBA and a bomber of scottish ale from Pelican. I was quite pleased with the Pelican… The DBA…. Not so much. I can’t wait to pick up some more of Pelicans award winning beers though.

So overall reaction to the new selection? Meh. Roth’s will never replace Capitol Market.

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  1. J.R. Box says:

    Thanks for the information about Pelican beers at Roth’s; I will make my way to Roth Vista soon
    I comment primarily to hardily concur that Mr. Fu’s selection at Capitol Market is second to none in this area.

    In fact, the only beer depot I can recall that comes close [and perhaps exceeds] is Liquor Mart in Boulder, Colorado.

    I have just begun reading you blog and expect to work my way back to the beginning in time. Thanks for reporting and opining and positing.

  2. Carlos says:

    Jared-my wife says…”if they focus on limited releases, then when they sell out of the limited release, what do they fill the hole in the shelf with?” “They have to know and have something to replace it”… this is comming from a merchandisers point of veiw. She says that stores like Roths have product planned for months on where and what goes in specific places. I have to believe her because she does ALL of the Roth’s in Salem/Keizer resets of wine and beer.

  3. J.R. Box says:

    For general information, I stopped at Vista Roth this morning in search of the aforementioned Pelican beer.

    For nought / nil / zilch.

    There was not Pelican beer at this Roth at that time.

  4. Jared says:

    I’m so tired that I can barely look at the screen so I’ll respond my best 😛 Couldn’t have anything to do with the 4+ pints I’ve had over the course of this evening though eh? Not to mention riding over thirty miles for said pints 😛


    @JR Box Cool man, thanks for reading the blog. I am a comment addict, not to mention a stat addict and am always happy to see new faces. Your second comment reminds me of my biggest complaint about Roth’s, and that is that selection varies so greatly from store to store. I was at their South Commercial location today and was wanting a bomber of Pelican also. Turns out alot of that locations shelf space was dedicated to belgians…. Doubles in particular it seemed. There wasn’t a Pelican in sight. Check the Keizer location for Pelican beers.


    Your wife is a smart lady, and dead on in her explanation. I was no way enfering that Roth’s should alter their list to include the latest beer. That being said brewers have to have approvel for their labels, and get product info out, well before launch date for seasonals. Take Ninkasi’s new summer seasonal, or Deschutes Twilight. Beer fans have known these beers were coming for awhile, yet Roth’s still dedicates more room to cases in the cooler then seasonals. It may be a smart business decission for them, but it’s what causes me to shop at Capitol Market.

  5. J.R. Box says:

    further to the topic, the shelves of the ‘Sunnyslope’ Roth [4555 Liberty Road, S] was resplendent with Pelican ‘bombers’, ya’ll call them.
    There were 5 styles; multiple bombers of each style.

    But, I was disappointed because I recalled having read they did a seasonal pilsner. [I be a pilsner / pilsener fan.] Looking at their website just now, I may have had a lapse of memory.

    I did purchase a Redhook ESB at a very low sale price.

    Friday, my wife and I played tourist in Corvallis. We lunched at Block15 and I purchased 3 style of Heater Allen beer at the Corvallis Brewing Supply; I have only sampled the Pilsner.

    I wanted to like it. Local nano-brewery and all. And, I liked it very much. Its places in the 2nd or 3rd place among the pilsners brewed within my ‘sustainable / locavoire radius‘, 600 miles to include Bayern Brewer of Missoula, Mont.

    enough about beer.

  6. Jared says:

    Can you ever have enough about beer? 🙂

  7. J.R. Box says:

    two typo you should correct
    is: there website
    should be: their website

    is: locavoirer adius ‘,
    should be: locavoire radius‘,

    regards, jack

  8. J.R. Box says:

    I enjoyed the Redhook ESB. It was a very good rendition of Yorkshire bitter. It compares very favorable to other American breweries ESB; I would need a head-to-head taste test to rank it relative to Rouge Ale’s Younger’s Special Bitter.

    btw, I speak with some authority; I live in N. Yorkshire, UK, for a total of 12 year in 3 periods; 3, 6, 3 years. First arrived July 1977. Last left Dec 1999. I have drank / enjoyed many a pint of Yorkshire bitter.; pity about the winter weather.

  9. J.R. Box says:

    further to Deschutes Twilight Ale

    I am 99.73 percent certain [3 sigma for advanced math geeks] that the Salem Costco [Mission Street near the I-5] have cases of Deschutes Twilight Ale.

  10. Jared says:

    Ya, I found it at Albertsons Keizer. My point though was that unique seasonals are an untapped market that I wish Roth’s would peg. Even really limited releases that are ultra hypped don’t seem to stay on the shelves long at Roth’s. Take Mirror Mirror. Roth’s had them in stock, but once they were out they were out. Considering how fast Roth’s sold out of it I don’t think they really planned as well as they should have.

    Then again I’m a beer geek and I love to try new things often. Hence my fondness for Capitol Market. Even if I feel like every time I lock my bike outside it won’t be there when I get back 😛

  11. J.R. Box says:

    An older pal once told me ‘Life is change. It may get better. It may be worse. Count on Change.’

    To wit, Vista Roth now have 5 style of Pelican ‘bombers’.

    === the speculation is confirmed ===
    Costco do sell Deschutes Twilight Ale by the case.
    I tried it.
    I liked it.

    regards, jrbox

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