The Ultimate Dead Guy

roguedeadguyThe beer I’ve been looking forward too all this time is finally going to be released… and I won’t be able to make it to Portland for a pint. On June 6th from 2pm-6pm the Horse Brass Pub in Portland, Oregon will host the kick off for John-John Dead Guy. What is John-John Dead Guy? John-John is a collaboration between Rouge’s brewer John Maier, and Rogue’s distiller John Couchot. It’s Dead Guy Ale that has been aged in the Dead Guy Whiskey barrels. What’s cooler is that when you order the dead guy it’s apparently accompanied by it’s family, Dead Guy Ale, Double Dead Guy Ale, and Dead Guy Whiskey. This quartet sounds like it could take on even the meanest of mafia families…. Ok, that was cheesy. But you got to admit that lineup sounds good.

So if you have time Saturday, and happen to be in the Portland area  head on over to Brass Horse and try one for me. I’m anxiouse to hear what it tastes like. Chech out the flier here

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  1. […] also let me know that I misspelled John Maier’s name in the tag for the write up I did on John-John. I got it right in the article at least. So here are Rogue’s ‘09 releases. If you live […]

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