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This is not only a late update, but also one that doesn’t require much work since I’m behind today. I was up late and slept through my alarm so I didn’t even roll out of bed till 11:15. So all that to say I’m now at work and haven’t had time to finish my post. Not wanting to leave today blank I decided to point you guys towards some great posts by other bloggers.

Beer and Nosh has a great post on the educational sessions from the National Homebrewers Conference. The Maltose Falcons and their riddling techniques were apparently there. I find it funny that their techniques are just now coming to the forefront since they’ve been on the web for a bit.

Jeff Alworth at Beervana has a great write up on the Brewers Games. Jeff MC’ed the event.

I’ve held off on linking to Bill’s random beer review generator because I didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon of people linking to it. But now that that has slowed I am free to jump on.

For those interested in more info on riddling and the Maltose Falcons here is the link to their site.

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