Another Crappy Video

from theweeklybrew

For a while now some of the members over at HomebrewTalk have been talking about making a video called “I’m A Home Brewer”. Obviously it was inspired by “I Am A Craft Brewer”. In fact probably 90% of the script is plagiarized from that original video. Give it a watch.


I hate this for the same reason I hate the original. It’s all about hating on Bud and not about celebrating beer. These guys do come much closer then Koch’s gang did though. But do people seriously think that making beer that tastes better then Bud Light is an accomplishment? The idea for this video had so much potential that initially I was excited. However after the first draft of the script I was so let down that I stopped following it until I finally saw the results today. In fact I remember when I first saw the original draft I was so disgusted I wrote my own version. Apparently I’m a git who feels the need to improve on this still though since I looked it up and am posting the version I rewrote.

I am a craft brewer
And also a homebrewer.
I love beer
And I make my own
Throughout history people around the world have made their own beer.
Over the years though that has changed
Around the time of the big three in America
Our homebrewing tradition died out
But it’s not dead anymore
Since 1978 brewing your own beer has been a legal option in the United States
But we’re not the only ones
There are brewers around the globe
A family
A brotherhood
Homebrewering is about independence
And unity
It is built on ancient foundations
And those foundations survive today

Well that’s as far as I got apparently. I remember there was a long bit about micro brewers and something about them sucking, but thankfully I never wrote that part. Really, I think about strange things on those long bike rides. As the film says though. Really, Don’t worry. Have a homebrew!


2 Responses to “Another Crappy Video”

  1. olllllo says:

    We could have used your input up front, bro. Don’t know if you voiced your opinion in that thread or not because I don’t know your HBT handle.

    Like you, I didn’t follow the entire process. I checked out. At various points I thought it lost enough steam so that it wouldn’t happen at all. Shame on me.

    Looking back you might have saved us some grief.

    Glad I saw your thoughts, now, in any case.

  2. Jared says:

    Hey olllllo,
    Not sure if I ever tried posting in that topic. To be honest it was right after the whole Greg Koch fiasco on here about the original video so prob not. My handle is penguinfogel by the way

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