Another Venti’s Update

JR left this comment on my last Venti’s post. Thanks for the update JR

Mr. Weekly, aka, Jared,

Further evolution regarding Venti’s 07 July 2009 Anniversary Celebration.

Rogue Sesquicentennial Ale is not available in kegs.
So, Thane, Venti’s most competent bar manager and extraordinary beer man, has purchased
– a 12 bottle case of 22 oz bottles
– a 24 bottle case of 12 oz bottle
of Rogue Sesquicentennial Ale. These are offered at a special price until the stock is depleted.

The Special Anniversary Day Special, based on loyal customer request and product availability, is a keg of Russian River’s Damnation, Belgium Style Strong Golden Ale, offered at a special price until the stock is depleted, the keg is ‘blow’.

Clever man that you are . . . you will notice that Russian River is a Santa Rosa, California, brewer; seemingly, inappropriate for the stated joint celebration of Venti’s anniversary, Oregon Craft Beer Month, and State of Oregon Sesquicentennial.

However, Rouge Sesquicentennial Ale and 4 taps will satisfy the recognition of Oregon and Mr. Chocholak, Thane, stands by the celebratory merit of Russian River’s Damnation.


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