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Well it’s still triple digits here, and I really wanted to do a post on styles of beer for beating the heat. Turns out though I’m not the only one who thought of it. Alworth over at Beervana has a good post on summer styles with some links to other posts on summer beers.

Beating the heat with beer though can be difficult. When your sitting outside in 100° weather it can be hard to find a beer that hits the spot. In fact over the last few days I’ve been experimenting with the beers in my fridge in order to figure out the most quaffable summer ale. One of the big problems is that alcohol decreases your bodies ability to thermoregulate itself. So the more beer you drink the less it helps. Not only that, but it’s common knowledge that alcohol dehydrates you. This is because alcohol is a diuretic. This means that while those imperials still sound tasty they probably won’t be the beer of choice for most people. In fact as this years Fourth of July sales showed lite beers can be favored more in warmer weather. How many of us want to quaff Busch Lite though? Well my grandparents, but not to many other people I know. So after some experimentation I’ve decided on my two favorite hot weather beers.

Small Beers –I love low alcohol summer beers. They get some flack for lack of strong malt flavors, and for being a little watered down, but to me this is their saving grace. When I’m out doing yard work, or taking a break on a bike ride I generally don’t want something over 3% abv. One of my favorite beers of summer is Anchor Small Beer. Small beers aren’t difficult to brew either. With modern brewing it’s just a matter of cutting the wort with boiled water until you get the proper OG. Although it may not be wise I’d group O’Douls in this category. I know many people don’t like the near beers, but I really don’t think they taste that bad.

Sour Beers –I’m not the biggest fruit fan, and for the most part not a lambic fan either, but not all sour beers are lambics, and not all lambics are bad. The truth is though sour beers are some of the most refreshing beers out there. Part of the reason for this is that sour beers cause you to salivate. I cracked open a bottle of my Witches Brew Sour Ale which is an Irish Red flavored with herbs instead of hops, and soured. Honestly this beer takes first for most refreshing beer in my fridge.

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2 Responses to “Beat The Heat”

  1. J.R. Box says:

    Hot weather calls for a lighter beer.

    Venti’s Cafe, 11a to 11p weekdays, have Terminal Gravity’s Extra Special Golden on tap. TG’s ESB is a refreshing rye session beer with a crisp, light finish. I enjoyed a pint tonight; soft, soft mouth feel / understated citrus and ‘earthy’ aroma and taste / very mild. A welcome beer for a hot summer’s night.

    Seems to me, IPAs, 2X IPAs, 3X IPAs, Imperial IPAs, IBUs in excess of 100, are over represented in the Pacific NW market.

    I was in Whole Foods Market, Bridgeport, this noon. I conducted a casual survey. I counted the number of pilsner beer among all the USofA beer sold there and of more than 150 different beers there were only 4 pilsners. I am not saying WFM is a representative beer store; but, I think the paltry number of pilsners speak volumes.

  2. Jared says:

    Just noticed the TG on the twitter tap list. Hopefully there’s still some in the keg tomorrow evening.

    Also your not the only one who’s noticed the IPA craze in supermarkets. Lets just say there are other beer lovers who aren’t happy 🙂

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