Brew Day Saison

I’m finally getting around to brewing my Gooseberry Yarrow Saison. This beer has been a long time overdue, but what can I say? I picked up a nice French Saison yeast that is a special put out by Wyeast. I’ve been told that it’s less temperamental then the Belgian strain and has higher attenuation. This will help get that really nice dry finish. I also grabbed some grains of paradise and a book on designing beers. Once I get this book finished I’ll do a review. Also I added some beer to my cellaring collection. Deschute’s Black Butte XXI has been released. XXI is an imperial version of their porter. The bottle is now aging away next to my bottles of Mirror Mirror, Old Rasputin, Old Foghorn, and Languanitas Imperial Stout.

I have one concern about my aging beers though that I’m looking for advice on. How long does one age an Imperial Porter??

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