Honest Pint Future


As I hoped, the honest pint bill failed. I know this view makes the hair on Portland drinkers necks rise and causes them to foam at the mouth. Let’s face it though. The way the bill was written was sillly. The bill provided no incentives for pouring honest pints other then a pat on the back.

Happily though the Honest Pint Project is still alive. I love the grass roots version because it’s about the people doing something themselves to get better pours. I wonder sometimes what Jeffs expenses are though. Maybe he should post them so people who want an honost pint can donate to cover it. Anyway

Jeff has declared this Saturday certification Saturday, and will be visiting pubs with a measuring cup and a camera. The great thing is he’s leaving it open for us to get involved to. If you happen to be swinging by an Oregon pub this Saturday you should bring a camera and 1 pint measuring glass with you, then send the picture and information to him. I’m gonna go out on a limb though and say that you could measure your favorite pubs later then Saturday though.

So here is your opportunity to shape the future of beer in Oregon, not through legislation, but through your own hard work. Get out there and get your favorite pub certified. Let’s take Oregon’s future in our own hands instead of letting politicians do it for us.

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