Starbucks Beer?

from theweeklybrew

starbucks-logo2Starbucks has launched a new experimental store called 15th Ave. Coffee and Tea. Before I explain the Starbucks beer thing it’ll help  to understand what 15th Ave. Coffee and Tea is. First, think of this new Starbucks as a kind of Skunk Works. This new location is a way for Starbucks to experiment with ways of capturing more of the market. Because, and let’s all be honest, Starbucks has really over expanded themselves. They’ve become one of the ultimate examples of a faceless corporation just out to make money. That combined with the trend towards smaller local coffee shops means Starbucks must redesign itself.

15th Ave. Coffee and Tea sounds like it’ll be a throwback to the days when coffee shops were the haunts of poets and artists. It’ll have a new look, a new name, performances, different menu, and most importantly for our purposes, wine and beer. Despite looking around for a mock up list of potential wines and beers I can’t find one. It will be interesting to see how this pans out though. Will it increase Starbucks sales? Will they open one in every city on every block? The questions buzzing round the internets are just to much fun to read.

So what’s your take?

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