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oxycleanFor awhile now I’ve heard the miraculous properties of OxiClean touted on brewing forums and sites. Now just to get this out there, I am not a believer in infomercial products. For the most part products sold via these things that could only be thought up by Satan himself are underpowered, have shoddy construction, and make crappy gifts that relatives love to give out for Christmas. According to the people on the forums though the only thing OxiClean doesn’t do is cure cancer. I’m sure that it is not OxiCleans fault it can’t do that though.

So as I said, I’m not an OxiClean fanboy. It has failed to remove stains from my white Tshirt, whiten my socks, or….. Ok, those were the only to things I’d tried it on. Last night though I became a convert.

I have a system here. You drink my beer, you rinse out the bottle. It’s just a courtesy thing that keeps that thick moldy funk out of the bottoms of my bottles. For all I knew everyone was following this system. In fact I hung up my bottle brush and started just sanitizing my bottles without checking for gunk (I use a long soak with bleach, and a high pressure sanitizing rinse so clean bottles were safe to just sanitize). While bottling my last batch though I ran across a six pack with a few empty moldy bottles. luckily they were the last bottles I filled, so no cross contamination. The bad part is I noticed it when a disk of mold floated to the top of the bottle as I filled it. I checked the bottoms of all the bottles, pulled out the moldy ones and filled them with hot water in an attempt to loosen the crap.

One month later the bottles were still on the counter, and my bottle brush could still not remove all the gunk. Several times I was tempted to dump straight bleach into the bottles, but I’m trying to end my reliance on that product. Instead I’d settled into a rutine of occasionally busting out the bottled brush and attempting to remove the residue. Even the ones where 90% of the filth was removed there was always a little spot dead center that refused to budge. Last night though I recalled a forum that suggested OxiClean for any stuck on residue in bottles and kegs in order to loosen it. Having some Oxiclean I figured I had nothing to loose and added some to the bottles and left it to sit overnight. Around midnight though I had a Horchata craving and while in the kitchen decided to check the bottles. The bottles were spotless! Needless to say I am now a fan, and have found a use for the crap.

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