Wax Dipping

from theweeklybrew

So yesterday I decided to seal up the beers I have cellaring with a nice coating of wax. Sealing bottles with wax is just an added precaution to help preserve the beer in case the seals on the caps fail (which they do eventually). Also it can be an easy way to keep track of what year the beers were cellared. This time I used brown. With next years batches I’ll use a different color. By doing this I’ll know what year I put the bottles up.

Judging by the curiosity of the family though I guess sealing stuff in wax just isn’t done much nowadays. Sad thing too considering how much fun it can be. I even made a little instructional video for anyone interested.

Wax Dipping Beer from 72mm Blogs on Vimeo.

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9 Responses to “Wax Dipping”

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  2. kchophead says:

    Very cool video. What beer are you cellaring? Do you know if there is an inexpensive way to can your beer?

  3. Señor Brew says:

    When you were a child
    You were treated kind
    But you were never brought up right.
    You were always spoiled with a thousand toys
    But still you cried all night.
    Your mother who neglected you
    Owes a million dollars tax.
    And your father’s still perfecting ways of making sealing wax.

    Sorry, 19th Nervous Breakdown by the Rolling Stones popped in my head after reading your post–maybe that would have been better background music for your vid.

  4. Jared says:

    I’m cellaring a rye and and a couple bottles of the IPA I made, + some Old Foghorn Barlywine, Old Rasputin Imperial Stout, Languanitas Imperial Stout, Black Butte XXI, and Deschutes Mirror Mirror Barlywine.

  5. Deanna says:

    Interesting! Great Video! I love how pretty it makes the bottles, although I would like to see some wild color like orange or lime green 🙂

  6. kchophead says:

    Damn you and your great beer selections out there.
    Deanna I like your wild color ideas. Who wouldn’t want a RIS with a Barbie pink wax seal?

  7. Jared says:

    Oh trust me, the Barbie pink, Hunter Orange, Metalic silver and all those other colors are coming. Since I wanted a somewhat professional looking seal in the video I used brown though.

    Don’t you guys get the Colorado and East Coast beers there? We may have a good beer selection, but sometimes getting micros from other states is a pain here. I’ve been oggling a bottle of Founders Breakfast Stout online, but I think I may have to drive over an hour to get to a shop that sells it.

  8. kchophead says:

    That’s what BA trades are for. I just purchased an order through:
    3 – Pliny the Elder
    1 – Black Butte XXI
    2 – Hop Stoopid
    1 – RR Blind Pig
    1 – RR Damnation
    2 – Oaked Arogant Bastard
    1 – AleSmith Decadence
    1 – Green Flash Barleywine

  9. Daniel says:

    Thanks very much for this tutorial. I’ve started to put away some special beers in my “cellar” and wanted to wax-dip them to ensure they’d be good several years from now.

    I knew you could use the paraffin wax, but the crayons didn’t even cross my mind. Very cool.

    Thanks again.

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