Who Really Cares?

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15Today has been a big day for beer blogs because of what has become known as the beer summit. Honestly this thing is about as stupid as the presidents comment about Crowley. I’ll be upfront and admit I’ve been negative about this issue from the get go. I work for a former police officer and have several family members who are police officers. Like all other people they make bad judgement calls sometimes and loose their cool when someone ticks them off. After all they’re human. But after all the flack Crowely took Obama invited him and Gates over for a beer on the White House lawn. People seem to overlook the fact that this saves face for the president and makes him look like an average Joe, which therefor makes it a brilliant political move. Instead everyone is obsessing over what beer should be served. Really people?

For the last several days we have been inundated with polls, articles, and twitter updates discussing which beer Obama should bust out for this bury the hatchet party and honestly I’m tired of it. He’s not the first president to serve beer at a meeting and he won’t be the last. So why does it seem that all the US can focus on now is what beer will be served? The only thing interesting in all of this is that despite the best attempts to show that Gate’s has the best beer preference with his fondness of Beck’s and Red Stripe people seem to miss the fact that the only guy involved who prefers a non lager is Crowley. Come on Crowley, Blue moon? You can do better. Conform more to the other two and pick a nice crappy pilsner. I recomend St Pauli Girl. Or if you want to convey the fact that your a hip dude you could go with PBR. A crappy American beer, put considered by anyone cool to be better then Bud. Why must you try to be different and make the closest to craft beer pick?

Although I’m somewhat appalled at the hype created by this beer thing I did get one laugh though. Gibbs’ comment that “we’ll have the gamut covered tomorrow afternoon” is funny. Really Gibbs? Two lagers and a witbeir equals the gamut? I thought the gamut would include more styles of beer.

Ok, I’m done beating a dead horse in the name of traffic. Let’s move on with the more important things in life.

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2 Responses to “Who Really Cares?”

  1. J.R. Box says:

    One Jamaican and two industrial beers brewed by international conglomerates in a nation with many fine, craft, ‘Merican beers does not show much imagination or beer sophistication.

    I am working on my choice of beer to be drank at the White House.

  2. Jared says:

    Technically Red Stripe is a UK beer since it’s made there. Gates went with a Boston Lager instead. Check this quote from


    “He said that instead of his usual Red Stripe, he drank a Sam Adams at the meeting in honor of an ancestor who fought in the American Revolution”

    It’s really worth reading the whole of what Gates says because it makes him look like a pompous ass. Funny enough is it took me forever to refind that quote as the entirety of Gates remarks seems to have been whittled down to a statement that doesn’t put him at odds with Crowely. Funny how the emphasis of a news report can change the message.

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